AJ0197 – Silver Whispers: Musings for Flute and Voice

Four evocative and unique interpretations of jazz standards that are complete musical worlds – engaging the listener both emotionally and intellectually. Stella By Starlight – A smoky Jazz Coffee-House in the 1950’s is the setting for this swinging rendition of the classic Stella. Body & Soul – A quiet and serene beach at sunset – an introspective musing on the vagaries of love. Days of Wine & Roses – An urban street scene on a hot summer’s day where two street musicians are found grooving hard on this challenging set of chord changes while neighbors young and old move and groove top the beat in joyous abandon. The sounds of the street fade out as the musicians get further into their musical world and then return just before they are finished playing and return to reality. Freedom Jazz Dance – A large open space gallery of modern art with enormous windows and a modernistic architectural design where tuxedoed musicians are jamming before the guests arrive.

Released May 16th, 2012

Marc Adler: alto flute (1,2); flute (3,4)
Paul Jost: vocals

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Silver Whispers: Musings for Flute and Voice
Marc Adler and Paul Jost

1. Stella By Starlight
2. Body & Soul
3. Days of Wine & Roses
4. Freedom Jazz Dance