Released October 1st, 2020

Composers: Alexandra du Bois, Moses Hogan, Huang Ruo, Astor Piazzolla Dina Shilleh, Dave Schnackenberg, Judith Kurka Nagel Edith Alomar & Jorge Lockward, Jessie Montgomery, Heitor Villa-Lobos
Director: Katie Reimer


Dancing Circles In The Night
Mimesis Ensemble


1. Alexandra du Bois, The Speaking Tide (2007)

2. African American Spiritual (Moses Hogan, arr.), Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (2000)

3. Huang Ruo, Sleep Now, Little One (Lullaby), from An American Soldier (2014)

4. Huang Ruo, So That’s the Man, from An American Soldier (2014)

5. Astor Piazzolla, Oblivion (1982)

6. Dina Shilleh, As I Tell It… (2015)
I. Sudfah (Chance)
II. Nothing Changes
III. An Tajlisa Wahidan (To sit with oneself)
IV. Rajaa (A Plea)
V. Triologue
VI. Qafza (A Leap)


1. Dave Schnackenberg, Wocekiye Itancan (The Lord’s Prayer) (Lakota) (1989)
2. Judith Kurka Nagel, The Awakening (1979)
3. Edith Alomar & Jorge Lockward, Yo no soy un extraño (I Am Not Just a Stranger), from Manos Indocumentadas (Undocumented Hands) (2014)
4. Edith Alomar & Jorge Lockward, Por ti (For love), from Manos Indocumentadas (Undocumented Hands) (2014)
5. Jessie Montgomery, Strum (2006, rev 2012)

6. Heitor Villa-Lobos, Bachianas brasileiras No. 5, W389 (1938-45) I. Aria (Cantilena)
II. Dansa (Martelo)