Released August 26th, 2016

Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano
John Darnall: guitar/harmonica
Frederic Remington: cover illustration
Turn Him Loose, Bill
Dieter Heuler: cover design



Songs of the Wild West: Ther Art of American Song
Steven Kimbrough

arr. by David W. Guion
1. All Day on the Prairie
2. The Bold Vaquero
3. Home on the Range
4. The Cowboy’s Dream

David W. Guion, music
Grace Noll Cowell, text
5. Lonesome Song of the Plains

David W. Guion, music
Marie Lussi, text
6. Ride, Cowboy, Ride!

arr. by David Guion
7. Ol’ Paint

arr. by T. Scott and Dalton Baldwin
8. The Colorado Trail

arr. by John Darnall
9. Night Herding Song

Edward Ward, music
Robert Wright and George Forrest, text
10. Prairie Schooner

Oscar J. Fox
11. Rounded Up In Glory
12. Greer County
13. The Old Chisholm Trail

Oscar J. Fox, music
Florida Calhoun, text
14. The Hills of Home

Oscar J. Fox
15. Cowboy’s Lament

Oscar J. Fox, music
Grantland Rice, text
16. Riding Along

arr. by John Darnall
17. I Ride an Ol’ Paint

Mary K. Jackson
18. Star of the Western Skies
19. The Strawberry Roan

arr. by John Darnall
Beverly Darnall, text
20. Texas Cowboy

Charles Ives
21. Charlie Rutlage

Timothy E. Kimbrough
22. The Streets of Laredo