Released November 29th, 2012

Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Mary K. Jackson: piano


Christmas Lullabies from Around the World
Steven Kimbrough

1. Lullaby, My Little One (Norway)
2. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (USA, Appalachia)
3. Qui Creavit Coelum (Latin, Song of the Nuns of Chester, UK, 15th Century)
4. Maria auf dem Berge – Mary on the Mountain (Germany, 17th Century)
5. Gesù Bambin l’e nato – Jesus was born to Mary (Piemontese, Italy)
6. A Child is Born to You Today – Baloo, Lammy (Scotland, 17th Century)
7. What Shall I Bring to the Christ Child – Presents al niño Jesús (Catalonian, Spain)
8. Maria Wiegenlied (Germany, 20th Century)
9. Dormi, Dormi o bel Bambin – Sleep, O Holy Child of Mine (Italy)
10. The Coventry Carol (UK, 16th Century)
11. Thys Endris Nygth – The Other Night I Saw a Sight (UK, 15th Century)
12. Entre le Boeuf et lâne gris – Mid ox and ass (France, 16th Century)
13. Duérmete, Niño lindo – Oh, sleep now, holy baby (Mexico)
14. Weihnachts Wiegenlied – Christmas Lullaby (Tyrol, Austria, 18th Century)
15. Près de ta Mère – I’ll be beside you (Alsace, France)
16. Christkindleins Wiegenlied – The Christ Child’s Lullaby (Germany, 20th Century)
17. Mary’s Lullaby (USA, 21st Century)