Released August 5th, 2008

Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano


Kurt Weill: This Is The Life (and other unrecorded songs)
Steven Kimbrough

Walt Whitman Cycle
1. Beat! Beat! Beat! Drums!
2. O Captain! My Captain!
3. Come Up from the Fields, Father
4. Dirge for Two Veterans
5. River Chanty (words by Maxwell Anderson)
6. Song of the Free (words by Archibald Macleish)
7. This Is the Life (words by Alan Jay Lerner)
8. Im Volkston (words by Holz)
9. Das Schöne Kind (anonymous)

Rainer Maria Rilke
10. Vielleicht, dass ich durch schwere Berge gehe
11. In Diesem Dorfe
12. Mach mich zum Wächter deiner Weiten