Released January 1st, 2006

The Eastman-Dryden Orchestra


Victor Herbert: L’Encore
The Eastman-Dryden Orchestra

1 Babes In Toyland: Selections (Selections)
2 When You’re Away / Molly
3 Canzonetta
4 Fleurette, Valse Lente: (1903)When You’re Away from The Only Girl\Molly is an Irish Love Song ((1903)When You’re Away from The Only GirlMolly is an Irish Love Song)
5 Punchinello
6 Royal Sec, A Champagne Galop
7 The Red Mill: Selections (Selections)
8 L’Encore
9 Sweethearts: Selections (Selections)
10 The Veiled Prophet: March (March)