Released  April 24th, 2012

Linda Burman-Hall: harpsichord, organ
Catherine Liddell: lute [1-6]


Music for the Royal Pleasures: Harpsichord, Lute & Organ Music in the Salon of Louis XIV
Linda Burman-Hall

Jacques Hardel
Suite in D
1. I. (Anonymous) Prélude non mesuré
2. II. Allemande
3. III. Courante I – II – III
4. IV. Sarabande
5. V. Gigue

Jacques Hardel
6. Courante in C

Jacques Hardel
Pieces in A
7. I. Anonymous: Prélude non mesuré
8. II. Hardel: Gavotte de Mr. Hardel

Étienne Richard
Suite in G
9. I. Allemande With Extemporized Double
10. II. Courante
11. III. Sarabande – Double
12. IV. Gigue

Étienne Richard
Suite in A
13. I. Prélude de Mr. Richard St. Jacques
14. II. Allemande
15. III. Courantes I-II (Double)
16. IV. Sarabande
17. V. Gigue

Étienne Richard
Suite in D for Organ
18. I. Prélude: I. Prélude
19. II. Allemandes I-II
20. III. Courante
21. IV. Gigue