June Bisantz


Vocalist and visual artist JUNE BISANTZ has co-written and produced several collections of original vocal jazz, all of which have received national recognition. She has toured internationally, and performed and recorded with distinguished jazz musicians including Steve Swallow, Norman Johnson, Jon Burr, Paul Brown, Lew Soloff, Jerry Neiwood, Mike Stern, Steve Davis & Will Lee. Reviews and articles about her work have appeared in publications including People Magazine, USA Today, Downbeat, Jazziz Magazine, Jazz Podium, Germany, JazzRu, Russia, Jazz USA and the New York Times. Her work has been released on the Pausa and Nova labels, Los Angeles; Alpha Records, Japan and most recently, Arabesque Records, NY.

Bisantz’ critically acclaimed 2019 release, LOVE’S TANGO, was co-written with pianist/ composer Alex Nakhimovsky. Love’s Tango, a collection of original Latin jazz love songs, earned a 2019 Global Music Award for excellence in lyrics and songwriting.

Her voice has been described as
“smooth, seductive, infections….simply so catching that the album will leave you wanting to hear more.” Jazziz

“a revelation – caressing and velvety, but electrically alive” People Magazine

“entrancing – deep and opulently hued, with an alto tonality that adds to the sensuality of the lyrics and connects the listener to the journey.” Sound in Review

Bisantz’ current release on the Arabesque label is a collection of unusual, upbeat holiday/winter songs written by Arnold Miller and Connie Pearce for June Christy in 1961. The EP combines a cool-jazz vibe with soulful introspection about the complex emotions evoked by the winter holidays.

Ms. Bisantz is Professor Emeritus of Art & Design at Eastern Connecticut State University and has exhibited her visual art work in galleries, museums and public spaces throughout the United States.  More info @ junebisantz.com


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