Released March 3rd, 2009

Stefan Young


Anthology: The Art Songs of Stefan Hayden Young
Stefan Young

1. Trois Chansons: I. Le Vol d’Automne
2. Trois Chansons: II. L’ombre
3. Trois Chansons: III. Douce plage
4. Three Views: I. Fearful of Sounds
5. Three Views: II. Yonder See the Morning Blink
6. Three Views: III. Hap
7. Giants in the Earth: I. Bright, clear sky
8. Giants in the Earth: II. …And sun
9. Giants in the Earth: III. A small caravan was pushing its way…
10. Giants in the Earth: IV. Now and then
11. Giants in the Earth: V. The broad expanse
12. Two by Three: I. At Midnight’s Hour
13. Two by Three: II. The Rolling English Road
14. Songs from the Middle Country: I. Under the Moon
15. Songs from the Middle Country: II. She is good, the little rain!
16. Songs from the Middle Country: III. My Brother
17. Trois Comptines (I. Il ├ętait une puce)
18. Trois Comptines: II. Roudoudou n’a pas de femme
19. Trois Comptines: III. Jeanette, Brunette
20. Ah-Life!: I. Let us forget
21. Ah-Life!: II. Ask not to know
22. The Song of Solomon: I. Set me…
23. The Song of Solomon: II. How beautiful…
24. The Song of Solomon: III. I am my beloved’s…