AJ0193 – Grass Roots Movement

Bobby has a clear musical vision, and a unique approach to jazz, which he expresses through his commanding presence on the alto saxophone. Funky, tinged with explosive energy, and technically impressive, Bobby leads his fellow musicians on a journey that takes unexpected twists and turns. Trumpeter Paul Tynan (longtime Selvaggio collaborator and producer for Grass Roots Movement) says it just right, that Bobby has a “passion for creating original landscapes as improvisational springboards.” 

The world continues to see turmoil and uprisings, and Bobby Selvaggio has taken his place among those who seek a new, positive direction. Clever and inspirational, Grass Roots Movement will have you spinning its tracks over and over. Listen up; it’s time for something new. Get caught up in Bobby Selvaggio’s Grass Roots Movement.

Bobby Selvaggio: alto saxophone
Nir Felder: electric guitar
Frank LoCrasto: fender Rhodes
Kip Reed: electric bass
James Johnson: drums

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Grass Roots Movement
Bobby Selvaggio

1. No Turn on Red
2. Signature Needed
3. Dust Bunnies
4. Chicken Legs
5. Movement
6. Return to Sender
7. Fish Food
8. Spy Movie