AJ0187 – Caution! Hard Hat Area!

Gasper Bertoncelj has delivered an explosive debut recording. Bringing together invigorating compositions and a truly all-star cast of musicians, including trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and saxophonist Vincent Herring, he is determined to impress. Gasper does just that, showcasing his brilliant technique while allowing his sidemen ample time to wow listeners. With high expectations in place for such world-class talent, Gasper has put together the pieces in just the right formation and does not disappoint. The high energy displayed at the start of the disc carries through to the very last notes and listeners will be carefully tuned in to catch every part of this performance. Caution! Hard Hat Area! is a clear marker for audiences to keep all eyes and ears on Gasper Bertoncelj as he explodes onto the scene with this striking and notable debut.

Released August 28th, 2008

Gasper Bertoncelj: drums
Vincent Herring: alto sax, flute
Jeremy Pelt: trumpet, flugelhorn
Peter Mihelich: piano
Boris Kozlov: double bass

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Caution! Hard Hat Area!
Gasper Bertoncelj

1. CAUTION! Hard Hat Area!
2. Medina
3. Delirious
4. Love For Sale
5. Too Slow
6. Ashes
7. What’s This?
8. It Happened Again