AJ0186 – Forward Motion

Yan Pevzner: piano 
Sam Newsome: soprano saxophone 
Martin Wind: acoustic and electric bass 
Tony Moreno: drums

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Forward Motion
Yan Pevzner

1. West South (part 1) 
2. West South (part 2) 
3. The Curtain is Down 
4. Forward Motion 
5. Back Then 
6. Watching Me Leave 
7. Quiet Force 
8. Twilight 
9. Grace

Presenting a program of original compositions, displaying impressive technical ability, and backed by a strong ensemble, Yan Pevzner has put together a powerful album in Forward Motion. Pevzner has a clear concept in mind and delivers on every level. His inspirational soloing, highlighted with the melodic sounds of Sam Newsome’s soprano saxophone, generates a musical intensity that is impossible to ignore. Yan Pevzner’s Forward Motion is a dazzling representation of Pevzner’s talent and is certain to grasp the attention of audiences and provide a satisfying listening experience.