AJ0183 – Prisoner of the Sea: Prigioniero Del Mare

Norberto Tamburrino: piano 
Joseph Lepore: bass (tracks 1-6)
Bruce Cox: drums (tracks 1-6)
J.D. Allen: tenor sax (tracks 1, 6)

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Prisoner of the Sea: Prigioniero Del Mare
Norberto Tamburrino

1. Prigioniero Del Mare 
2. Oggi Macedonia 
3. Black Express 
4. A Breath On Wings 
5. Bees Place 
6. Prigioniero Del Mare (alt. take) 
7. Ocean View 
8. Incompleto – Incompreso 
9. Stars In Box 
10. Pannonica 
11. Amata 
12. Tramonti Di Pioggia

Norberto Tamburrino’s unique piano style and original compositions fit together seamlessly on this exciting new disc. Prisoner of the Sea provides a vivid sensory experience as Norberto treats listeners to intricate piano lines and strong grooves. This emotional listening experience is a breath of fresh air for those desiring something new, and will leave them asking for more.