Edward Parmentier: harpsichord

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Musick as befitts a Quene - English Virginal Music (1570-1650)
Edward Parmentier

Orlando Gibbons
1. Prelude in a

William Byrd
2. Fantasy in d

Wm Inglot
3. Variations upon "The Leaves bee greene"

4. Alman

Peter Philips
Pavane & Galliard

5. I. Pavane
6. II. Galliard

Giles Farnaby
7. Fantasia

Thomas Tomkins
8. The Lady Folliott's Galliard

Giles Farnaby
9. "Tell me Daphne"

Orlando Gibbons
10. Fantazia of four parts

William Tisdall
11. Pavana Chromatica (Mrs. Katherin Tregia's Paven)

12. Allemanda

William Byrd
13. Pavana "Lachrimae"

14. "Chi passa per questa strada?"

William Byrd
Pavan & Galliard

15. I. Pavan "Ph. Tregian" 
16. II. Galliard

John Bull
Pavane & Galliarde

17. I. Pavane
18. II. Galliarde

The Passing Measures: Pavan & Galliard
19. I. Pavan
20. TII. Galliard

William Byrd
21. My Lady Nevell's Grounde