Released June 1st, 2021


Steven Kimbrough: Baritone
Richard Kennedy: Tenor

Mary K. Jackson: Music Composer
Charles Wesley: Writer


The Good Samaritan: Through the Eyes of the Victim

Steven Kimbrough


1. Overture
2. A certain man went down to Jerusalem
3. How desperate is the state of man
4. The thieves have robbed and stripped and bound
5. By chance there came down a certain priest
6. The venerable priest may see my wounds
7. The prophets, saints, and patriarchs old
8. And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place
9. The Levite stern approaches nigh
10. The law commands: “Do this and live.”
11. But a certain Samaritan
12. But life I see in death appear
13. And he went to him, and bound up his wounds
14. Stranger unknown, thou art my God
15. On the morrow, when he departed
16. Thy patient in thy hands I lie
17. Thou, didst ascending up on high
18. Thou bidst the ministerial host
19. Jesus, united by thy grace