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I would like to send a recording for consideration.

Arabesque Records would be happy to review your project. Please send any materials  HERE.

I sent a recording for review but have not received a response.

Arabesque Records listens to every submission it receives. Because of the volume of discs received, it may take a few weeks for us to send a response or decision.


I am interested in licensing material.

Please CONTACT us with your request.


I am a reviewer and interested in reviewing a title.

Please CONTACT us so we may review your request.

I am a radio station and would like to obtain a CD for airplay.

Please CONTACT us so we may review your request.


I want to order a CD directly.

Any discs offered for sale, either the original retail CD or as Amazon On-Demand product, are available via the Amazon.com link directly below any release listed on the site.

I ordered a CD from Amazon.com but it is missing the full liner notes.

Amazon.com's On-Demand service has allowed us to re-issue much of our back catalog material on CD. The CD availability of these titles is intended to satisfy audiences who still seek a physical product in today's digital-download environment. Typically this On-Demand product comes on CD-recordable media, with the cover art and a printed track listing.

If you would like a copy of the full liner notes, please CONTACT us and we will scan and email it to you.

I cannot find a recording that I thought was issued by Arabesque Records.

Some titles are no longer available as part of our catalog. We suggest looking for used copies on Amazon.com and eBay.

I would like Arabesque Records to send me a catalog.

Arabesque Records no longer sends out printed catalogs. Any information can be found on this website.

I am a retailer and would like to order discs.

Please CONTACT us with your request.


I have a question that was not answered here.

Feel free to CONTACT us.

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