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Steve Wiest  •  about the artist
Out of the New [AJ0189]

Trombonist and arranger Steve Wiest bursts back into the spotlight with Out of the New, an aggressive investigation of today's popular music. Steve Wiest is representative of jazz at its best. Innovative and inventive, he seamlessly melds musical exploration with refined talent and creates unique, expressive gems with the greatest ease.

Steve Wiest's powerful trombone is complemented by his colleagues from the jazz powerhouse, the University of North Texas, who willingly follow his Indiana Jones-esque venture into the realm of new musical concepts. Steve Wiest sets out to find the "new standards" on this expedition and returns bearing the many rewards. Sparks of energy flow from beginning to end as he finds the pulse of popular music and injects jazz right into its veins. As for the audience, Out of the New is left to course through their systems, compelling repeated spins of the disc.

Steve Wiest: trombone
Fred Hamilton: guitar
Stefan Karlsson: piano
Lynn Seaton: bass
Ed Soph: drums

1. X&Y
2. Seven Days
3. Walk This Way
4. Wake Me Up When September Ends
5. Shiver
6. It's You I Like
7. Defying Gravity
8. In Your Honor

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Excalibur [AJ0180]

Excalibur is a unique approach to the big band format. Steve Wiest has managed to walk a fine line with this album, tackling the big band format from a variety of angles. While approaching this project as a study of composition and arranging, he has at the same time managed to provide listeners with exciting, swinging music. Along with his energetic arrangements and compositions, Wiest has provided ample room for himself and the other soloists to stretch out, allowing each musician to place their personal stamp on the music.

Steve Wiest: trombone

The Steve Wiest Big Band

Tim Ishii, Randy Hamm, Ed Petersen,
Sam Fettig, Glenn Kostur

Mike Williams, Matt Antoniewicz,
Scott Harrell, Mike Plog

Paul McKee, Mark Bettcher,
Barry Oosterwaal, Matt Ingman

Rhythm Section
Matt Harris: piano, Bob Bowman: bass,
Bob Rummage: drums, Dave Bayles: drums, Mike Standal: guitar

1. Cheek to Cheek
2. Excalibur
3. The Once and Future Groove
4. I Concentrate on You
5. Cerulean 12
6. The Silver Spin
7. A Night in Pidruid
8. On Green Dolphin Street

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