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Bobby Selvaggio  •  about the artist

Way of Being [AJ0201]

Way of Being is unique in that it shows two contrasting sides of Bobby as a performer and composer. Bobby seamlessly merges recordings from his two working groups, Grass Roots Movement and Shake Trio and gives audiences a little of everything they could want in a recording. Part modern, part traditional, and all exciting, energetic music, Way of Being represents the totality of Bobby Selvaggio, saxophonist.

Bobby Selvaggio: alto saxophone
Chris Parker: electric guitar
Kip Reed: electric bass
James Johnson III: drums

Bobby Selvaggio: alto saxophone
Ashley Summers: acoustic bass
Chris Baker: drums


Grass Roots Movement
1. Shake
2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Police
3. Zombie Apocalypse
4. Modern People
5. Higher Ground/Stevie Wonder

Shake Trio
6. Flow
7. Revolution
8. Kwanza Muwanga
9. Sonic Fence
10. Dance of the Tail Chasing Cats

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Grass Roots Movement [AJ0193]

Bobby has a clear musical vision, and a unique approach to jazz, which he expresses through his commanding presence on the alto saxophone. Funky, tinged with explosive energy, and technically impressive, Bobby leads his fellow musicians on a journey that takes unexpected twists and turns. Trumpeter Paul Tynan (longtime Selvaggio collaborator and producer for Grass Roots Movement) says it just right, that Bobby has a “passion for creating original landscapes as improvisational springboards.”

The world continues to see turmoil and uprisings, and Bobby Selvaggio has taken his place among those who seek a new, positive direction. Clever and inspirational, Grass Roots Movement will have you spinning its tracks over and over. Listen up; it’s time for something new. Get caught up in Bobby Selvaggio’s Grass Roots Movement.

Bobby Selvaggio: alto saxophone
Nir Felder: electric guitar
Frank LoCrasto: fender Rhodes
Kip Reed: electric bass
James Johnson: drums

1. No Turn on Red
2. Signature Needed
3. Dust Bunnies
4. Chicken Legs
5. Movement
6. Return to Sender
7. Fish Food
8. Spy Movie

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Modern Times [AJ0190]

Bobby Selvaggio seizes every opportunity to make a poignant musical statement with Modern Times. Surrounding himself with some of today’s hottest jazz artists, including pianist Kenny Werner and sizzling trumpeter Sean Jones, Selvaggio achieves a level of musical coexistence with these powerhouse musicians that transcends simply “making music” and will certainly leave audiences awestruck. Selvaggio’s original compositions on Modern Times are tailored to his sidemen and the music is a raw vision of who Bobby Selvaggio is as a saxophonist. Playful, inventive and certainly begging for multiple spins, Modern Times holds a clear message for the jazz world as we move further into the 21st century. These are interesting times, so keep listening.

Bobby Selvaggio: alto & soprano saxophones
Kenny Werner: piano (tracks 3,4,5,7,9,10)
Sean Jones: trumpet (tracks 1,2,6,8)
Matt Wigton: bass
Nathan Douds: drums
Dan Murphy: piano
Paul Tynan: flugelhorn

1. Quick Solutions
2. Timbuktu Step
3. You’ve Changed
4. Whirlwind
5. Waiting
6. More or Less
7. Out of Time
8. Fastfood Wisdom
9. Time Being
10. Modern Times

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