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Radam Schwartz  •  about the artist
Swingin' The Holidays [AJ0205]
Radam Schwartz: organ
Irwin Hall: tenor saxophone (all except track 9; all solos except track 10)
Julian Lee: tenor saxophone on 1, 2, 8, 10 (solos on track 1 and 10)
Kevin Hildebrandt: guitar; vocals on track 6 and 9
Andrew Atkinson: drums and santa
1. Merry Christmas Baby- Charles Brown
2. I Didn't Want to Be Alone on New Years Eve- Radam Schwartz
3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
4. Grown Up Christmas List- David Foster and Linda Thompson
5. Rock of Ages (Maoz Tzur)
6. Christmas is the Time of Good Cheer- Radam Schwartz
7. Noche de Paz
8. My Favorite Things- Rodgers and Hammerstein
9. Chimes of Freedom- Bob Dylan
10. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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Songs for the Soul [AJ0191]

Miles Griffith’s vocalese roars alongside organist Radam Schwartz’s deep grooves while the assemblage of virtuosic talent in the musical tour de force ‘Conspiracy for Positivity’ leaves no musical note or nuance unexplored. Songs for the Soul are really songs from the soul as Radam, Miles, and crew, unearth their deepest emotions and lay bare their passion. The soulful wails of Griffith’s vocal acrobatics and Radam’s inspirational backbone are accompanied by a unique set of compositions and poignant lyrics that take on strength and vitality which grab the listener and command attention.

In this world where so much seems to be so wrong, from war, to economics to natural disasters, absorbing the energy of Griffith along with Radam and his ensemble is a positive way of dealing with whatever is bothering you.

Radam Schwartz: organ
Miles Griffith: vocals (tracks 1,3,6,7,8,11)

Conspiracy for Positivity
James Gibbs III: trumpet (all tracks except 2)
Anthony Ware: alto saxophone (all tracks
except 2,11)

Misha Fatkiev: guitar (all tracks except 11)
Joe Brown, Jr.: drums (tracks 1,2,3,6,7,8,11)
Luciana Padmore: drums (tracks 4,5,9)

Conspiracy Voices
Kelsey Jillette (tracks 1,2,3,7)
Cynthia Holiday (tracks 1,2,3,7)
Marcelino Feliciano (tracks 1,2,3,7)
Gary Oleyar (track 2)

1. Get In At The Door
2. Darn That Dream
3. Sometimes It Is, Sometimes It Ain't
4. Curious Visitors
5. Crazy Love
6. All Blues
7. Youthology
8. Stay Away Blues
9. Golden
10. Sky Namel
11. My Soul At Peace

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Magic Tales [AJ0182]

Radam Schwartz has crafted a soulful disc filled with energy and excitement that begs to be heard over and over again. Each track showcases a strong groove that holds appeal for both the casual listener and the hardened jazz fan. With catchy melodies and driving solos, Mr. Schwartz and his band swing hard out of the gate and the cohesiveness of the band is unquestionable from the first note. With audience satisfaction in mind, this disc moves from one track to the next with great ease and listeners simply need to add their toe-tapping to complete the atmosphere for this electrifying album. Radam Schwartz has truly woven an exciting story with his neo-soul jazz disc, Magic Tales.

Radam Schwartz: organ

Conspiracy for Positivity
James Gibbs III: trumpet
Anthony Ware: alto saxophone
Misha Fatkiev: guitar (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,7,10)
Ryan Clackner: guitar (tracks 6,8,9,11)
Joe Brown Jr.: drums, percussion
Anthony Nelson: baritone saxophone (tracks 3,4,7,8,10)
Joe Brown Sr.: congas (track 11)
Gary Oleyar: violin (track 7)

1. You’ll Always Be My Baby
2. Sands of Time
3. Sunday Off Broadway
4. Magic Tales
5. The Kicker
6. Imprecise Exactitudes
7. Love Conversation
8. Stevie’s Beautiful Soul
9. Between Me And You
10. Half Gibbs - Full Nelson
11. World Anthem

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