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Donny McCaslin
The Way Through [AJ0160]
Donny McCaslin: tenor and soprano saxophones
Luciana Souza: vocals
Scott Colley: bass
Adam Cruz: drums, marimba, steel pan, percussion
Douglas Yates: clarinet, bass clarinet
Anders Bostrom: alto and bass flutes
David Binney: alto saxophone, live samples
1. Skyward
2. San Lorenzo
3. Shadowlands
4. I Should Care
5. The Way Through
6. Break Tune
7. Free California
8. Fe Fo Fi Fum
9. What Remains
10. Woody and You
11. Flutter
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Seen From Above [AJ0151]
Donny McCaslin: tenor saxophone
Ben Monder: electric guitar
Scott Colley: bass
Jim Black: drums
1. Manresa
2. Seen From Above
3. Second Line Sally
4. These Were Palaces
5. Mick Gee
6. Strange Pilgrim
7. Going to the Territory
8. Frontiers
9. September
Listen to Samples and Purchase here: Amazon.com  -  AmazonMP3  -  iTunes 

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