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Steven Kimbrough  •  about the artist
Songs of William Shakespeare [Z6901]
Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano
Mark Terwilliger: guitar
Courtney Budd: soprano

Henry Purcell [1]
Thomas A. Arne [2,4]
Franz Joseph Haydn [3]
Franz Schubert [5]
Monk Gould [6]
Sir Arthur Sullivan [7]
Thomas S. Cook [8]
James Greenhill [9]
Erich Wolfgang Korngold [10-23]
Mary K. Jackson [24-25]
1. "Come Unto These Yellow Sands" from The Tempest, Act 1:1
2. "Where the Bee Sucks" from The Tempest, Act 5:1
3. "She Never Told Her Love" from Twelfth Night, Act 2:4
4. "When Icicles Hang by the Wall" from Love's Labor's Lost, Act 5:2
5. "Hark, Hark, the Lark" from Cymbeline, Act 2:3
6. "Who is Sylvia" from The Two Gentlemen from Verona, Act 4:2
7. "Sigh No More, Ladies" from Much Ado About Nothing, Act 2:3
8. "Over Hill, Over Dale" from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 2:1
9. "Autolycus' Song" from A Winter's Tale, Act4:4

Four Songs Mentioned in Shakespeare Plays, with Guitar
10. "Light O' Love" from Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3:4 & Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act 1:2
11. "Farewell, Dear Love" from Twelfth Night, Act 2:3
12. "Peg O' Ramsay" from Twelfth Night, Act 2:3
13. "Green-sleeves" from Merry Wives, Act 2:1 and 5:5

 Songs of the Clown, Op. 29 from Twelfth Night
14. "Come Away, Death", Act 2:4
15. "O Mistress Mine", Act 2:3
16. "Adieu, Good Man Devil:, Act 4:3
17. "Hey Robin", Act 4:2
18. "For The Rain It Raineth Every Day", Act 5:1

Shakespeare Songs, Op. 31
19. "Desdemona's Song" from Othello, Act 4:3
20. "When Birds Do Sing" from As You Like It, Act 5:3
21. "Under The Greenwood Tree" from As You Like It, Act 2:5
22. "Blow, Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind" from As You Like It, Act 2:7

Op. 38
23. My Mistress Eyes, Sonnet 130

Two Sonnets
24. From You Have I Been Absent In The Spring, Sonnet 98
25. Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day, Sonnet 18

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Song of The Wild West: The Art of American Song [Z6892]
Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano
John Darnall: guitar/harmonica

Edward Ward [10]
Oscar J. Fox [11, 14-16]
Mary K. Jackson [19]
Charles Ives [21]
Timothy E. Kimbrough

David W. Guion [1-7]
T. Scott [8]
Dalton Baldwin [8]
John Darnall [9, 17, 20]
Oscar J. Fox [12, 13]
Mary K. Jackson [18]

Grace Noll Cowell [5]
Marie Lussi [6]
Robert Wright [10]
George Forrest [10]
Florida Calhoun [14]
Grantland Rice [16]
Beverly Darnall [20]
1. All Day on the Prairie
2. The Bold Vaquero
3. Home on the Range
4. The Cowboy's Dream
5. Lonesome Song of the Plains
6. Ride, Cowboy, Ride!
7. Ol' Paint
8. The Colorado Trail
9. Night Herding Song
10. Prairie Schooner
11. Round-Up in Glory
12. Greer County
13. The Old Chisholm Trail
14. The Hills of Home
15. The Cowboy's Lament
16. Riding Along
17. I Ride an Ol' paint
18. Star of the Western Sky
19. The Strawberry Roan
20. Texas Cowboy
21. Charlie Rutlage
22. The Streets of Laredo

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Song of Freedom, Justice & Peace [Z6862]
Full Liner Notes
Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Mary Jackson: piano [1-4, 7, 10-18]
Alma Gaudette: piano [5, 6, 8, 9]
Maureen Kelly: flute [8, 9, 14, 16]

Langston Hughes [1]
Countee Cullen [2]
Charles Moses Horton [3, 5]
Paul Laurence Dunbar [4]
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper [6]
ST Kimbrough, Jr. [7, 8]
Steven Forris Kimbrough [9, 11]
Dorothy B. Kimbrough [10]
Edwin Kimbrough [12-18]

Mary K. Jackson [1-8, 10-18]
Carlton R. Young [9]
Six Songs on Liberty and Slavery (African American Poets in Song)
1. The Merry-Go-Round
2. Tableau
3. The Slave's Complaint
4. Sympathy
5. On Liberty and Slavery
6. Bury Me in a Free Land

Three Songs for Justice and Peace
7. How Shall We See Each Other
8. Ahav, Agape Both Mean Love
9. My Family

Two Songs for Creation
10. Simplicity
11. The Praying Mantis

Seven Proverbs
12. A Glad Heart
13. The Early Bird Catches the Worm
14. A Bird in the Hand
15. A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss
16. A Good Name
17. A Word to the Wise
 18. A Word Fitly Spoken

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Erich Jacques Wolff: Michelangelo Cycle and Selected Songs [Z6853]
  Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano
Eight Songs to Michelangelo Poems
1. 2. 3.  4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Nine Songs to Gottfried Kellar Poems
9. Nr. 1 
10. Nr. 2
11. Nr. 3
12. Nr. 4
13. Nr. 5
14. Nr. 6
15. Nr. 7
16. Nr. 8
17. Nr. 9

Sixteen Selected Songs
18. Friede (Karl Maria, Nachlass, Nr. 1)
19. Der tote Lenz (Emil Faktor, Nachlass, Nr. 13)
20. Wie Melodie aus reiner Sphäre (Hafis-Daumer, Nachlass, Nr. 57)
21. Ach, wie süβ sie duftet (Hafis-Daumer, Nachless, Nr. 4)
22. Selig mit blutendem Herzen (Richard Dehmel, Op. 8, Nr. 6)
23. Stimme im Dunkeln (Richard Dehmel, Op. 8, Nr. 5)
24. Drum sollst du dulden Mensch (Richard Dehmel, Op. 8, Nr. 1)
25. Vöglein Schwermut (Christian Morgenstern, Nachless, Nr. 16)
26. Gottes Segen (Johann von Eichendorff, Op. 14, Nr. 4)
27. Waldeinsamkeit (Johann von Eichendorff, Op. 14, Nr. 2)
28. Ich wollt, daβ der verhindert mich (aus Des Knaben Wunderhorn)
29. Christkindleins Wiegenlied (aus Des Knaben Wunderhorn)
30. Schönster Herr Hesu (Nachless, Nr. 45)
31. Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (M
ünsterkirchengesang, Nachlass, Nr. 19)
32. Alle Dinge haben Sprache (Cesär Flaischlen, Op. 19, Nr. 2)

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Christmas Lullabies from Around the World [Z6846]

  Steven Kimbrough: vocals
Mary K. Jackson: piano
1. Lullaby, My Little One (Norway)
2. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (USA, Appalachia)
3. Qui Creavit Coelum (Latin, Song of the Nuns of       Chester, UK, 15th Century)
4. Maria auf dem Berge - Mary on the Mountain      (Germany, 17th Century)
5. Gesù Bambin l'e nato - Jesus was born to Mary      (Piemontese, Italy)
6. A Child is Born to You Today - Baloo, Lammy       (Scotland, 17th Century)
7. What Shall I Bring to the Christ Child - Presents al       niño Jesús (Catalonian, Spain)
8. Maria Wiegenlied (Germany, 20th Century) 1:45
9. Dormi, Dormi o bel Bambin - Sleep, O Holy Child       of Mine (Italy)
10. The Coventry Carol (UK, 16th Century)
11. Thys Endris Nygth - The Other Night I Saw a         Sight (UK, 15th Century)
12. Entre le Boeuf et lâne gris - Mid ox and ass         (France, 16th Century)
13. Duérmete, Niño lindo - Oh, sleep now, holy baby         (Mexico)
14. Weihnachts Wiegenlied - Christmas Lullaby         (Tyrol, Austria, 18th Century)
15. Près de ta Mère - I'll be beside you (Alsace,         France)
16. Christkindleins Wiegenlied - The Christ Child's         Lullaby (Germany, 20th Century)
17. Mary's Lullaby (USA, 21st Century)

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Steven Kimbrough Presents: Fanny J. Crosby - Unknown Hymns for the Church Festivals [Z6839]

  Steven Kimbrough: vocals 1. There’s Music in the Air
2. Fulfilled is the Promise - Christmas
3. The Evergreen Branches - Christmas
4. How Tranquil, How Calm is the Night - Christmas
5. The Earth was Filled with Peace - Easter
6. Hail, Sacred Morn! - Easter
7. Christ Has Risen - Easter
8. Ring On, Ring On, Glad Easter Bells - Easter
9. Be Silent
10. Your Word is a Lamp to my Feet
11. O, the Sad and Troubled Faces
12. Our Lives We are Told
13. Come, Poor Sinners, to the Blessed Feast
14. We Walk by Faith
15. Blessed Day
16. Sing with a Tuneful Spirit

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Geistliche Lieder - Sacred Songs of Bach (from the 1736 Songbook of Georg Schemelli) [Z6821]


Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Wolfgang Schmid: harpsichord, organ
Andreas Kreisel: cello

1. Dir, dir Jehova, will ich singen
     Bartholomäus Crasselius (text)
2. Kommt wieder aus der finst’ren Gruft
     Valentin Ernst Löscher (text)
3. O du Liebe meiner Liebe
     Elisabeth v. Senitz (text)
4. Beschränkt, ihr Weisen dieser Welt
     Christoph Wegleiter (text)
5. Auf, auf! die rechte Zeit ist hier
     Martin Opitz (text)
6. Eins ist Not!
     Joh. Heinrich Schröder (text)
7. Ich halte treulich still
     J. H. Till (text)
8. Gott, wie groß ist deine Güte
     Georg Christian Schemelli (text)
9. Ich liebe Jesum alle Stund
     Dichter unbekannt / Poet unknown
10. Gott lebet noch!
        Joh. Friedrich Zihn (text)
11. Selig, wer an Jesum denkt
        Dichter unbekannt / Poet unknown
12. Jesu, Jesu, du bist mein
        Dichter unbekannt / Poet unknown
13. Ich steh’ an deiner Krippen hier
        Paul Gerhardt (text)
14. O Jesulein süß
        Dichter unbekannt / Poet unknown
15. Mein Jesu, was für Seelenweh
        Georg Christian Schemelli (text)
16. Auf, auf! mein Herz mit Freuden
        Paul Gerhardt (text)
17. Jesus, unser Trost und Leben
        Ernst Christoph Homburg (text)
18. Kommt, Seelen, dieser Tag
        Valentin Ernst Löscher (text)
19. So wünsch ich mir zu guter Letzt
        Johann Rist (text)

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Christmas on Broadway: Holiday Songs from the Shows [Y2004]


Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Jack Lee: artistic director, music supervisor

1. It's Christmas Time All Over the World
2. We Need a Little Christmas (Mame)
3. Christmas in Manhattan
4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Meet Me      in St. Louis)
5. At Christmas Time (Song of Norway)
6. Christmas Day (Promises, Promises)
7. Father Christmas (Scrooge)
8. Christmas Child (Irma La Douce)
9. Peace on Earth - Merry Christmas March (The      Great Waltz)
10. White Christmas (Holiday Inn)
11. A New Deal for Christmas (Annie)
12. Toyland (Babes in Toyland)
13. Dear Mr. Santa Claus (Here's Love)
14. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas        (Here's Love)
15. The Christmas Waltz

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Songs of Rossini [Z6623]


Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Arleen Auger: soprano
Jennifer Larmore: mezzo-soprano
John Aler: tenor
Dalton Baldwin: piano

1. La passegiata Quartettino
2. La pesca
3. La fioraia fiorentina
4. Chanson de Zora, la Petite Bohemienne
5. Les Amants de Seville, Tirana a deux voix
6. L'Orpheline du Tyrol, Ballade elegie
7. Un Sou Complainte a deux voix
8. L'esule
9. Il trovatore
10. La lontananza
11. L'ultimo ricordo

Musique Anodine
Six Settings of the Metastasio Text
"Mi Lagnero Tacendo"

12. Prelude
13. I
14. II
15. III
16. IIII
19. Aragonese

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Kurt Weill: This Is The Life (and other unrecorded songs) [Z6579]


Steven Kimbrough: baritone
Dalton Baldwin: piano

Walt Whitman Cycle
1. Beat! Beat! Beat! Drums!
2. O Captain! My Captain!
3. Come Up from the Fields, Father
4. Dirge for Two Veterans

5. River Chanty (words by Maxwell Anderson)
6. Song of the Free (words by Archibald Macleish)
7. This Is the Life (words by Alan Jay Lerner)

8. Im Volkston (words by Holz)
9. Das Schöne Kind (anonymous)

Rainer Maria Rilke
10. Vielleicht, dass ich durch schwere Berge gehe
11. In Diesem Dorfe
12. Mach mich zum Wächter deiner Weiten

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