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Elaine Funaro
Elaine Funaro Presents Aliénor Harpsichord - Live and In Concert [Z6842]


track 1
Elaine Funaro: harpsichord

track 2
Aliénor Ensemble
Elaine Funaro: harpsichord
Rebecca Troxler: baroque flute
Geoffrey Burgess: baroque oboe
Stephanie Vial: baroque cello

track 3
Elaine Funaro: harpsichord
Beverly Biggs: harpsichord
Rebecca Pechefsky: harpsichord

track 4
Asako Hirabayashi: harpsichord

track 5
James Dorsa: harpsichord

track 6
Asako Hirabayashi: harpsichord
Margaret Humphries: violin

Pablo Escande
1. Interludium II from Partita

Dan Locklair
2. Ayre from Arias & Dances

Edwin McLean
3. Movement 3 from Sonata for Three Harpsichords

Asako Hirabayashi
4. Tempo Rubato from Sonatina II

James Dorsa
5. Io from Jupiter's Moons

Asako Hirabayashi
6. Fandango

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Music of Africa for Harpsichord [Z6829]


Elaine Funaro: harpsichord

track 1
Elaine Funaro: harpsichord
Rebecca Troxler: flute
Randall Love: handclapper
John Hanks Jr.: handclapper

tracks 12-16
Elaine Funaro: harpsichord
Randall Love: harpsichord
Brent Wissick: viola da gamba
John Hanks Jr.: rattles

Kevin Volans
1. Walking Song

Giles Swayne: Zebra Music
2. I. Black on Black
3. II. Black on White
4. III. White on White
5. V. Black on Black
6. VII. Black on Black
7. XI. Black on Black
8. XII. Black and White

Peter Klausmeyer
9. Ancestral Touch

Matteo Fargion
10. Donna a Cavallo

Philip Glass
11. Night on the Balcony (from 'The Screens')

Kevin Volans: White Man Sleeps
12. Mvmt. I
13. Mvmt. II
14. Mvmt. III
15. Mvmt. IV
16. Mvmt. V

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Harpsichord at the Holidays: Christmas Carols Past and Present [Z6828]


Elaine Funaro: harpsichord

Stephen Yates
1. Sonatino 1
2. Sonatino 2
3. Sonatino 3

A Baroque Christmas arr. Edwin McLean
4. I. Noel Nouvelet
5. II. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
6. III.What Child Is This
7. IV. The Coventry Carol
8. V. We Three Kings
9. VI. Pat-A-Pan
10. VII. In Dulci Jubilo
11. VIII. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
12. IX. Good King Wenceslas
13. X. Silent Night
14. XI. Adeste Fideles

Jackson Berkey: Keyboard Carols
15. I. Greensleeves
       What Child is This, the Silent World
16. II. Christmas Day in the Morning
        I Saw Three Ships
17. III. Gentlemen, God Rest Ye!
       "The Nine Finger Carol"
18. IV. Fantasy on as Rose
       "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming"
19. V. Three Kings of the Orient, We Three Kings
20. VI. The Good King, Good King Wenceslas

Jean-Francois Dandrieu
21. A Minuit fut fait un Reveil
22. La Musete - double de la Musete
23. Carillon ou Cloches

Claude Balbastre
24. Quand Jesu Naquit a Noel

Louis-Claude Daquin
25. Noel Etranger
26. Noel Suisse

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Into the Millennium: 20th Century Harpsichord Music [Z6827]


Elaine Funaro: harpsichord

Edwin McLean: Sonata
1. I. Brisé
2. II. Promenade
3. III. Toccata

Penka Kouneva
4. Raga

Nicole Clément: Covalences Multiples
5. I. Prelude
6. II. Badinerie
7. III. Sarabande
8. IV. Burlesca
9. V. Finale

Isaac Nagao
10. Ancient Cities

Dan Locklair: The Breakers Pound
11. I. Prelude
12. II. Waltz
13. III. Rag
14. IV. Pavane
15. V. Galliard
16. VI. Postlude

Stephen Yates: Suite
17. I. Toccata
18. II. Fugue
19. III. Ground
20. IV. Finale

Tom R. Harris
21. Jubilate Deo

Peter B. Klausmeyer
22. Pete Johnson’s Ground

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Giovanni Benedetto Platti - Sonatas for Clavicembalo [WLBR9901]


Elaine Funaro: fortepiano, harpsichord

Sonata No. 8 in C Minor
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Adagio
3. III. Allegro

Sonata No. 7 in F Major
4. I. Adagio
5. II. Allegro
6. III. Adagio
7. IV. Allegro

Sonata No. 1 in D Major
8. I. Adagio
9. II. Allegro
10. III. Adagio
11. IV. Allegro

Sonata No. 3 in F Major
12. I. Adagio
13. II. Allegro
14. III. Adagio
15. IV. Allegro

Sonata No. 4 in G Minor
16. I. Adagio
17. II. Allegro
18. III. Adagio
19. IV. Allegro

Sonata No. 9 in G Major
20. I. Allegro
21. II. Adagio
22. III. Allegro

Sonata No. 10 in A Minor
23. I. Allegro
24. II. Adagio
25. III. Allegro

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