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New York Renaissance Band
Praetorius: Excerpts from Terpischore [Z6531]
Sally Logemann: shawms, recorders,
   krummhorns, conductor
Aaron Smith: cornetto, shawms, recorders,
Terry Pierce: sackbut
Jorie Garrigue: baroque violin
Rosamund Morley: bass viol
Patrica Neely: treble viol, bass viol
Lou Barranti: percussion
Wendy Young: harpsichord
Suite No. 1 in C Major
1. I. Passameze and gaillarde
2. II. Spagnoletta
3. III. Ballet des coqs
4. IV. Ballet des baccanales
5. V. Ballet des feus
6. VI. Courrant de la volte
7. VII. Gaillarde

Suite No. 2 in G Major

8. I. Bransle double
9. II. Bransle simple
10. III. Bransle de montirande
11. IV. Bransle gay
12. V. La Rosette
13. VI. Gaillarde
14. VII. Bransle gentil

Suite No. 3 in F Major

15. I. Passameze pour les cornetz
16. II. Courante M.M. Wüstrow
17. III. Courante
18. IV. Courante
19. V. Philov
20. VI. Volte

Suite No. 4 in G Major
21. I. Ballet
22. II. Ballet (bass viol solo: Rosamund Morley)
23. III. Ballet des Amazones
24. IV. Ballet des Anglois
25. V. Gavotte
26. VI. Volte

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Country Capers: Music from Playford's The English Dancing Master [Z6520]
Sally Logemann: shawms, records, director
Dennis Godburn: dulcian, recorders
Aaron Smith: cornetto, recorders, shawm,
Patrick Spurling: sackbut, percussion
Lesley Retzer: viols
Stanley Charkey: lute
Lou Barranti: percussion
Dances for Two Couples
1. Rufty Tufty
     Heart's Ease

Dances for Three Couples

2. Chestnut
     Boate Man
     Dissembling Love

Longways for Eight or More

3. The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
     Petticoat Wag
     The Merry, Merry Milke Maids

Round Dances for Eight
4. Newcastle
     The Fine Companion
     Kettle Drum

Group Dances I

5. Mundesse
     Lull Me Beyond Thee

Group Dances II

6. Gathering Peascods
     The Beggar Boy
     Jenny Pluck Pears

Group Dances III

7. Upon a Summers Day
     Saturday Night and Sunday Morn

Group Dances IV

8. Staines Morris
     The Glory of the West

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The Music of Arbeau's Orchesographie [Z6514]
Sally Logemann: shawms, recorders, tenor
   krummhorn, minstrel's harp, drum, director
Patrick Spurling: sackbut, tambourine, drum,
   field drum, morris bells
Aaron Smith: cornetto, recorders,
   krummhorns, shawms, giumbarde
Stanley Charkey: lute
Lesley Retzer: treble viol, bass viol, timbrel
Paul Shipper: drum, recorders, shawms, alto
   krummhorn, pipe and tabor, tambourine,
   Renaissance flute, Brittany bombarde,
Basic Dances
1. Pavane
2. Galliard
3. Joissance Vois Donneray
4. Tourdion


5. La Traditore My Fa Morire
6. Antoinette
7. Baisons Nous Belle
8. Si J'ayme Ou Non
9. La Fatigue
10. La Milannoise
11. J'aymerois Mieulx Dormir Seulette
12. L'ennuy Qui Me Tourmente

Basic Branles

13. Branle Double
14. Branle Simple
15. Branle Gay
16. Branle de Bourgoigne

Mixed Branles

17. Cassandra
18. Pinagay
19. Charlotte
20. La Guerre
21. Aridan

Branles of Other Regions

22. Branle de Poictou
23. Branle d'Escosse
24. Le Triory de Bretaigne

Mimed Branles
25. Malte
26. Lavandieres
27. Pois
28. Hermites
29. La Torche
30. Sabots
31. Chevaulx

Other Branles

32. Branle de la Montarde
33. Le Haye
34. L'Official
35. Gavotte

Other Dances

36. Lavolta
37. Morrisques
38. The Canary
39. Pavane d'Espagne
40. Air des Bouffons

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