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National Philharmonic of Lithuania
Szell, Heger, Bülow, Weingartner: Original Music by Legendary Conductors [Z6752]
National Philharmonic of Lithuania
Leon Botstein: conductor
George Szell: Variationen uber eignes Thema, Op. 4
(Variations on an Original Theme)

1. Thema
2. Variation I
3. Variation II
4. Variation III
5. Variation IV
6. Variation V
7. Variation VI
8. Variation VII
9. Variation VIII
10. Variation IX
11. Variation X
12. Variation XI

Robert Heger: Verdi Variations, Op. 23
13. Thema
14. Variation I: Moderato marziale e energico
15. Variation II: Molto vivace
16. Variation III: Andante grazioso
17. Variation IV: Allegro molto
18. Variation V: Lento melancolico
19. Variation VI: Allegretto amabile
20. Variation VII: Presto scherzando
21. Finale: Maestoso

Hans von Bülow
22. Nirwana, Op. 20

Felix Weingartner
23. Lustige Ouverture, Op. 53

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