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Robert White and Lowell Liebermann
Songs of Lowell Liebermann [Z6770]
Robert White: tenor
Lowell Liebermann: piano
1. Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking, Op. 41

Six Songs on Poems of Henry W. Longfellow, Op. 57
2. Hymn To The Night
3. Mezzo Camin
4. Snow-Flakes
5. The Haunted Chamber
6. Delia
7. The Arrow And The Song

Final Songs, Op. 21
8. When Death Comes
9. Many Red Devils
10. Death By Drums
11. Listening to Comrade Shostakovich
On The Day Of His Death
12. The Farewell Symphony
13. There Was A Man With A Tongue Of Wood

Three Dream Songs, Op. 53
14. Ardella
15. Dream
16. I Dream A World

A Poet To His Beloved, Op. 40
17. A Poet To His Beloved
18. He Remembers Forgotten Beauty
19. He Hears The Cry Of The Sedge
20. He Thinks Of His Past Generations When
A Part Of The Constellations of Heaven
21. He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead
22. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven

Night Songs, Op. 22
23. Good Night
24. She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep
25. A Variation On "To Say To Go To Sleep"

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