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Various Artists - Lotte Lehmann Foundation
Lotte Lehmann: To Honor Her Legacy, A Sung & Spoken Tribute [Y2003]
tracks 1-2: Lotte Lehmann

tracks 3-4: Grace Bumbry

track 5: Beaumont Glass

track 6: Kurt Ollman

track 7: Lotfi Mansouri

track 8: Jennifer Larmore

tracks 9-10: Paul Sperry

track 11: Dalton Baldwin

track 12: Marcella Reale

track 13: Mildred Miller

track 14: Wolfgang Holzmair

track 15: Luba Tcheresky

track 16: Judith Kellock

tracks 17-18: Norman Mittlemann

tracks 19-20: Marni Nixon

track 21: Natalie Stutzmann

track 22: Christoph Pregardien

tracks 23-24: Alice Marie Nelson

track 25: Lois Alba Wachter

track 26: Juliane Banse

track 27: Speight Jenkins

1. Felix Mendelssohn: Die Liebende Schreibt
    (live at Town Hall, New York - 1947 or 1948)
     with Paul Ulanowsky
2. Lotte Lehmann speaks on sentimentality
     (from a 1952 master class in Pasadena, California)
3. Grace Bumbry speaks
4. Hugo Wolf: Anakreons Grab
     with Beaumont Glass
5. Beaumont Glass speaks
6. Franz Schubert: Auf dem Flusse
     (from Winterriese)
     with Mary Dibbern
7. Lotfi Mansouri speaks
8. Samuel Barber: Sure on this Shining Night
     with Daniel Beckwith
9. Paul Sperry speaks
10. Emil Pessard: Bonjour Suzon
       with Dalton Baldwin
11. Dalton Baldwin speaks
12. Giacomo Puccini: Sole e Amore
       with Roberto Negri
13. Mildred Miller speaks
14. Franz Schubert: Der Zügenglöcklein
       with Russel Ryan
15. Luba Tcheresky speaks
16. Paul Hindemith: Stillung Mariä mit
       dem Auferstandenen (from Das Marienleben)
       with Blaise Bryski
17. Norman Mittlemann speaks
18. Robert Schumann: Die beiden Grenadiere
       with Gale Enger
19. Marni Nixon speaks
20. Arnold Schönberg: Galathea
       with Thomas Bagwell
21. Renaldo Hahn: A Chloris
       with Inger Soedergren
22. Franz Schubert: Frühlingstraum
        (from Winterreise)
        with Dennis Helmrich
23. Alice Marie Nelson speaks
24. Johannes Brahms: Von ewiger Liebe
        with Warren Jones
25. Lois Alba Wachter speaks
26. Johannes Brahms: Feldeinsamkeit
        with Brian Zeger
27. Speight Jenkins speaks

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