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Wildboar Recordings

Joseph Spencer (1937-2001), owner of The Musical Offering classical music record store and cafe in Berkeley, California, founded Wildboar Recordings in the early 1980's. Spencer, an advocate for Early Music in the San Francisco music community, created the label to celebrate early keyboard music. His artist roster includes harpsichord luminaries such as Edward Parmentier, Byron Schenkman, and Elaine Funaro, and his catalogue is celebrated with critical acclaim.

WLBR0401 Johann Sebastian Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier - Book I Edward Parmentier
WLBR8501 Domenico Scarlatti: Fugue & Ten Sonatas for Harpsichord Edward Parmentier
WLBR8502 17th Century French Harpsichord Music Edward Parmentier
WLBR8601 Music for the Royal Pleasures: Harpsichord, Lute & Organ Music in the Salon of Louis XIV Linda Burman-Hall, Catherine Liddell
WLBR8802 Harpsichord Music of Jean-Henri D'Anglebert Arthur Haas
WLBR9202 17th Century German Harpsichord Music - The Stylus Phantasticus Edward Parmentier
WLBR9203 Arcangelo Corelli: Six Trio Sonatas from Concerti Grossi, Op. VI Edward Parmentier, Enid Sutherland, Michael Lynn, Nina Stern
WLBR9302 Johann Sebastian Bach: Six English Suites for Harpsichord (Jacques Germain, Paris 1785) Edward Parmentier
WLBR9501 Johann Sebastian Bach: Harpsichord Music in the Grand Manner Robert Edward Smith
WLBR9507 O Ye Tender Babes - English Virginal Music Frances Conover Fitch
WLBR9512 in Stil Moderno: The Fantastic Style in Seventeenth-Century Italy Ingrid Matthews, Byron Schenkman
WLBR9601 Elisabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre: Sonates pour le Viollon Ingrid Matthews, Byron Schenkman, Margriet Tindemans
WLBR9603 The Bauyn Manuscript: Seventeenth Century French Harpsichord Music Byron Schenkman
WLBR9606 Splendor of the Harpsichord Edward Parmentier
WLBR9703 Franz Schubert: Music for Piano Trio I The Atlantis Ensemble
WLBR9704 Franz Schubert: Music for Piano Trio II The Atlantis Ensemble
WLBR9901 Giovanni Benedetto Platti - Sonatas for Clavicembalo Elaine Funaro
WLBR9903 Il Giardino Corrupto: 17th-Century German Chamber Music La Luna Ensemble

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