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Arabesque Records was created to be a leader in the independent recorded music industry. Recording albums for such classical luminaries as pianists Ian Hobson and Garrick Ohlsson, as well as the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio, the label quickly gained recognition. Arabesque Recordings distinguished itself as a platform for the production of large-scale projects such as Garrick Ohlsson’s ambitious 13-volume recording of "The Complete Chopin Piano Works."

In 1992 Arabesque recognized a need to promote maturing jazz musicians and introduced Arabesque Jazz, an extension of the original company. Arabesque Jazz first featured artists such as soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom, 8 Bold Souls and vocalist Carmen Lundy. Shortly after establishing Arabesque Jazz the label became home to many jazz legends, including trumpeter Art Farmer and saxophonist Charles McPherson.

Today, the Arabesque family prides itself on its continuing commitment to producing the finest classical and jazz recordings. Arabesque’s classical roster now boasts artists ranging from the American String Quartet to pianists Gabriela Imreh and Bruce Brubaker. Arabesque Jazz also continues to add contemporary artists to its roster while expanding stylistically. Recent additions include trombonist Steve Wiest, organist Radam Schwartz and saxophonist Bobby Selvaggio.

Arabesque Recordings

Arabesque Recordings is the original Arabesque imprint and home to our classical catalog. Artists on this imprint include Gilbert Kalish, Ian Hobson, The Lark Quartet, Mark Kaplan, Sarah Rothenberg, Joanne Polk and Gabriela Imreh.

Arabesque Jazz

Arabesque Jazz is the home of our jazz catalog and was created in 1992 under the direction of Danny Chriss. Contemporary artists include Steve Wiest, Bobby Selvaggio, and Radam Schwartz. They join our roster of legends that includes Art Farmer, Charles McPherson, Ray Drummond and Marc Cary.

Arabesque Too

The Arabesque Too imprint was designed for the rare release that did not quite fit only as a classical or jazz title, but still deserved the Arabesque name.

School Cut Records

School Cut Records releases material by contemporary artists. Artists on this label include Milo Z and Rebecca Gruber.

Wildboar Recordings

Joseph Spencer (1937-2001), owner of The Musical Offering classical music record store and cafe in Berkeley, California, founded Wildboar Recordings in the early 1980's. Spencer, an advocate for Early Music in the San Francisco music community, created the label to celebrate early keyboard music. His artist roster includes harpsichord luminaries such as Edward Parmentier, Byron Schenkman, and Elaine Funaro, and his catalogue is celebrated with critical acclaim.

AW Recordings

AW Recordings, founded by impresario Abigail Wrenn, celebrates a variety of classical artists, including Sandrine Erdely-Sayo and Stefan Young. The catalog has been absorbed into the Arabesque Recordings imprint.

Ocean Records

Ocean Records releases a wide range of material, from classical music to world music. Artists on this label include Andres Cardenes, Thomas Young, DK Dyson and Ensemble Kalinda.

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